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Drug Prevention Education for Families & Communities
Drug Prevention Education for Families & Communities
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Drug Free Workplace Presentations, HR, Profit & Loss, Supervisor Trainings, New & Struggling Business Consulting etc.
Fight Back Presentation Binghamton, NY 2016. Teaching Neighborhood Groups To Identify and Eradicate Drug Activity Safely, Annonymously, in 72 Hrs or Less
Bloomsburg University - Ciminal Justice Students 2014. Explaining How Our Judicial System, Law Enforcement & Politics Are Taught In Theory & Actually Work In The Real World.  
Mike Levine's 1992 original Fight Back Book Was Republished In 2006 To Mention Mike Bonventre's Success In Implementing The Plan. Mike Levine & Mike Bonventre Have Each Successfully Eradicated Drug Trafficking and Drug Related Crime in Communities Nationwide. Learn How Fight BackThreatens Budgets and Job Security Of Drug Problem Profiteers
Teaching Regular People, Ex-Cons, Recovering Addicts, Traditionally unemployable How-To Start Businesses on a Budget.
Drug Testing Exposed written by a 33 year expert & motivational speaker (click on image of book to purchase)
Failure Eludes Me
Providing motivational programs for business owners, parents, family, addicts, depression and bullying.
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