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Drug Prevention Education for Families & Communities
Drug Prevention Education for Families & Communities
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Conquering Drugs: Family Community & Business Solutions

When his family business was embezzled in 1982, Mr. Bonventre age 25 became a volunteer consultant for Federal, State and County law enforcement agencies acting as a volunteer undercover organized crime and narcotics operative from 1982 through 1985 in an effort to fight the crime and drugs that plagued his, and other, community businesses, schools and families. His three years as an undercover operative with State Attorney's, County Sheriff's and the FBI from coast to coast resulted in many felony convictions and gave him a unique insight into the uses and effects of drugs and crime in the workplace, schools, family and community. Since then, Mr. Bonventre has consulted business, families and property owners on drug issues. Today, with over 33 years of business and personal experience, Mr. Bonventre is a nationally recognized drug & crime prevention consultant, author, trainer and educational speaker

Since I came out from undercover in 1985 I have been helping citizens, businesses and community groups eradicate drug activity in their families, neighborhoods, schools and businesses through word of mouth as a community service at my personal expense, local contributions and later through funding from the business I influenced. In 2006 world renowned former DEA agent, NY Times Best Selling author, current police instructor and international expert witness, Mike Levine, republished his out of print 1992 book “Fight Back” to mention my success in promoting my own version of his plan.
Today my live interactive and produced programs contain videos, PowerPoints, podcasts and honest educational materials to share on a mass scale with citizen’s nationwide that are dealing with today’s out of control epidemics and addiction issues.  I have been extremely successful in legally, safely, inexpensively and, for many citizens, anonymously filling in the blanks that currently exist and prevent lasting rehabilitation and allow drug trafficking and crime related to drugs to continue. My program actually works by educating the addict’s enablers so they can be a positive influence for lasting rehabilitation. I empower citizens to put an end to drug trafficking and drug-related crimes in their neighborhoods.  My program does not benefit financially by failure.  I do not want an addict to relapse so I can charge them even more money for additional attempts at recovery.  I have no use for drug dealers and I don’t want to see them continue to do business just to find the next person up the supply chain.  My program is for individuals and communities that want change now.  I have a proven track record of success and I want to share this knowledge.
My project has been a work in progress for more than 30 years. The project is a living educational program that expands with the nation’s rapidly ongoing, growing drug related crimes, epidemics and addictions.
The opposition to my project has always been from the “feel good” programs and agencies that profit from ongoing problems. Rehabilitation prefers not to educate and work with parents and family enablers of addicts, Law enforcement would prefer to work with criminals rather than invested citizens who want immediate action and lasting results. My community education successes have been resisted by anyone who receives a budget to address these issues. My efforts have been attacked for decades but has not amounted to anything more serious than complaints about its success threatening budgets that enable the problem.
This project is developed by Michael Bonventre and requires no approval, review or permissions from any outside sources.
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